Thursday, January 21, 2010

"No More Money for War" - San Diego Brown Baggers to Rep. Susan Davis

January 20, 2010 (San Diego)

As part of the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) Brown Bag Lunch Vigils, a delegation of the Metro San Diego PDA chapter met with staffers in Congresswoman Susan Davis’ office this afternoon to let her know that they expect their Representative to act in the interest of the working people in her district, and not fat-cat corporate lobbyists. (Davis below, right.)

In keeping with the theme, "Brown Bag Lunch Vigils" former Democratic Congressional candidate Jeeni Criscenzo (above, red hat with Patricia Law, black beret) brought a basket of brown bag lunches with homemade scones, peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and organic apples, so people who were taking their lunch break to meet with their representative could have a healthy lunch. The leader of the delegation, Criscenzo explained to Davis's San Diego office staffer Jessica Poole that most working people in her district (and those looking for work) can’t afford to go out for lunch, and the humble PB&J sandwich in a paper sack is a representation of "who we are."

While they munched on lunch, the delegates, including San Diego activists, Carol Jahnkow, Dan Watman, Patricia Law, Juan del Rio, Pat Gracian and Jerry Malamud, explained to Davis’ staffers that they strongly oppose the Adminstration's latest request for an additional $33 billion dollars for war in Afghanistan.

“We need that money here. Congress tells us there isn’t enough money for single payer healthcare, and then turns around and spends billions upon billions to blow up and destroy civilians in other countries. We can’t afford that and it has to end," said Malamud emphatically.

Others in the group stated that the mandate in the health care bill being considered by Congress is a giveaway for corporate health insurance that does nothing to help people, many of whom can barely pay for the necessities in today’s dismal economic climate.

Brown Baggers from around the country, representing America’s working class, will be returning to their representatives’ offices on the
third Wednesday of every month to make sure the voice of the people is heard loud and clear.

Criscenzo, a former progressive candidate in her own right, noted to the Davis Congressional office, “What just happened in Massachusetts (the stunning rejection of Senate Democratic candidate Martha Coakley- Ed.) is a clear wake-up call. The voters were promised change and we don’t see it happening. Start listening to the people or they will look for someone who will.”

(article contributed by Jeeni Criscenzo)
Photo credits: Juan del Rio, Jerry Malamud

(Top: Former Congressional Candidate, Jeeni Criscenzo, brought brown bag lunches for staff and activists meeting at Susan Davis’ office as part of a monthly program sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America. Pictured Jeeni Criscenzo, Patricia Law

Second: Congresswoman Susan Davis, a 5-term Democrat representing San Diego's 53rd Congressional District.

Lower: Local activists meeting with staff at Congresswoman Susan Davis’ office as part of a monthly Brown Bag Lunch Vigil sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America.

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