Thursday, December 24, 2009

Interview with Walter Meyer, author of "Rounding Third"

Walt Meyer Interview, Segment 1

Walt Meyer Interview, Segment 2

Walt Meyer Interview, Segment 3

Walt Meyer Interview, Segment 4

Liberty One Radio's host Mike Copass interviewed San Diego-based author Walt Meyer about his new work, "Rounding Third"

The book touches on familiar themes surrounding high school identity issues -- sports, school, bullies, and family life. But "Rounding Third" isn't your typical high-school baseball novel. Meyer's literary accomplishment is realized in the way he draws the reader in to the relationship between the two protagonists -- a story that will leave you both cheered, heartbroken, and changed.

Listen to author Walt Meyer reading an excerpt from his new novel in the link above.

Read the Copass Report blog about "Rounding Third."

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